The Ever After Story

Co-founded by Claire of Deane & Co and Jas Hayer, a friend since university days, The Ever After Story came about after the two of us struggled to find wedding venues that would accommodate our very different wedding sizes and styles.

Jas’s Indian family wedding required a large venue, where she could bring in her own caterer, and my wedding of only 40 people needed a venue that didn’t look like half the guests hadn’t turned up! The Ever After Story was born as a way to help brides find their ultimate wedding venue, and to showcase some of the amazing vendors in the Brisbane and Northern NSW area doing amazing things. Really, it allowed us to tap into a group of entrepreneurs as obsessed with beauty and style as we were, and to pander to our love of weddings!

Currently in phase 1, which includes editorial and a strong social media push, the directory phase of the site will launch in June.

The site, built and designed by partners, The Wonderjam, was fully scoped by myself and Jas, including comprehensive functionality specifications, outlining exactly what we needed the site to do. We were able to communicate a clear vision to our design team, resulting in a site that wasn’t too girly and pretty, but that showcased the weddings and vendors, front and centre.

With over 2,000 Instagram fans and over 5,000UVMs in our third month of operation, we’re expecting big things from The Ever After Story!