Non-Networking Events

Our collective aversion to networking started many years ago, when we were all beginning in our careers. In a bid to escape the typical shindigs in very male-dominated industries, we all rocked up to events that felt the need to over-emphasise a cliched brand of femininity.

The further our careers developed the more we realised that it wasn’t just the pink-washing of #girlboss events that felt out of step - it was the very nature of the events themselves. "Networking" seemed to be all about distributing business cards over lukewarm hotel quiches while people in shoulder pads blabbed about their rise to the top. Where was the connection, the deep conversation, the camaraderie?

So, we do things a whole lot differently. Back in December 2015, we hosted our first un-pink, non-networking event. We organised a cookie swap with the help of Sarah Coates of The Sugar Hit, and invited 12 of our very favourite and most collaborative creative cookies to sit down for tea, treats, and a really honest natter.

This first event was so worthwhile that we've decided to make non-networking a regular feature of our social calendar. In 2016 we'll be inviting the brightest sparks in the business world here in Brisbane to weigh in on issues that affect us all, including:

  • Scaling Up & Scaling Out Internationally
  • Self Care & Entrepreneurship 
  • Creating Culture Within Organisations
  • Time - Our Most Important Resource
  • End Of Financial Year Planning
  • Future Proofing Our Businesses In Rapidly Changing Industries
  • Making The Most Of Seasonal Trade
non-networking event

Building Company Culture


Creating a culture was something top of mind when we started planning our third small scale get-together. We had just rebranded and grown, and many friends and fellow business owners were seemingly in the same place. They were wanting to know how to create a culture now that there was more than one person, how to reinvigorate a stale corporate culture or just how to set a culture for their party of one!

Over charcuterie and cheese from our friends at Botero, a handful of ladies from financial advisors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and pyjama designers gathered to discuss all things culture. Carla Thurgate, owner of Inside Out Consulting and co-owner of Cheveux Design & Espresso (which she owns with sister, Nadine), shared her own experience managing other company culture and change management.

Scaling Up & Scaling Out


Continuing on from the success of December's cookie swap, we hosted our second small scale get-together for Brisbane's most innovative and interesting business women in February. As we grow ourselves, we wanted to know... what are the challenges associated with scaling up and scaling out? 

Over Botanica salads and fresh baked cookies we joined together for a conversation about growing our businesses in ways that take advantage of the opportunities presented by international markets. Sarah Pearce of Travelshoot was on hand to share her experience building an internationally oriented business.


Cookie Biz


At the end of 2015, we thought it was high time the entrepreneurial community in Brisbane started a different kind of conversation. So we invited a small group of 12 creative, switched on business women to Showroom for an un-pink, non-networky afternoon tea. 

It turns out was no better way to celebrate the end of a busy year, fortify ourselves for hectic Christmas trading, and pave new paths of future collaborations than with a good old fashioned cookie swap. We were spoilt rotten to have the wisdom (and carrot cake) of Sarah Coates from The Sugar Hit as our co-host.