Trend Reports

Deane & Co's trend reports are designed to introduce you to new ideas,
new entrepreneurs and new businesses. But really they're an excuse to
put our late night internet spirals to good use. Happy reading!

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Food & Beverage

At Deane & Co, we love to have our finger on the pulse. But more than that we love to have our finger in the cake batter. It was natural then that for our first trend report we’d focus on what’s happening in the world of food and beverages. Offering a melting pot of innovation and tastiness, we hope you enjoy – and learn from – this quick guide to what’s happening at industry conferences and restaurant tables alike.

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Wellness & Health

Our second trends report will cover all things health, exercise, beauty and wellness. If you are interested in contributing to this report, please contact us below.



Our third report will cover all aspects of design: interiors, fashion, architecture, technology... If you are interested in contributing, please contact us below.