Our Vision

We are:

  • Intentional. When we recommend or implement a strategy, we've thought about it and personalised it. No shitposting here! (GIFs excepted, obviously.)
  • Honest. We’ll tell you the truth, because we believe trust is important and we believe in doing the best by our clients. 
  • Human. Self-care is important to us – our own and that of our clients. We genuinely care about our clients, their businesses, and the work we produce. We also respect limits, and the occasional need to wait.
  • Results-driven. This doesn’t mean we’re only about the data, although we do love a good Google Analytics deep-dive. We’ll look at the human factor when it comes to results, and will help you set realistic goals – then we’ll do everything we can to help you meet them.
  • Respectful. Of our clients and of each other, of our own time and others’ time. We’re highly respectful of budgets, because #smallbiz.
  • High-grade. We work with the best to deliver our best. We have great ideas and we do things differently. If you want a blogger dinner, we’re not your team. If you want five Facebook posts a day because that’s what someone else advised, we’re not your team. We’re mindful of resources – our own time, our clients’ budgets, our own internal well.
  • Delightful. Personally and in our interactions with collaborators and clients. We know that it’s easy to plod along each day doing the same thing – and we choose to live differently.
  • Mindful of our own yoga mat. We try really hard not to fall into the ego trap, and keep each other in check whenever we waiver. We don’t work with clients who are just in it for the ego, either.