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Our workshops are info-packed and designed to give you the key concepts, tips, and hacks to help you run your creative business more effectively and efficiently. Taught by three entrepreneurs who've started their own highly successful ventures in design, retail, digital marketing, and PR, you'll be in the best possible hands to learn how to apply the strategies business development professionals use.

We don't have any workshops running at the moment, but we're always adding new dates to the calendar! Here are some examples of what we do. Keep checking back for the latest, or email us if you'd like more personal advice.



Business Planning 101

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. In this session we'll take the guess work out of how to get organised and develop a strategy for how to work efficiently on your business.

You'll leave this session with a personalised plan you can action straight away and gain the confidence to make this your most profitable quarter yet.

Branding Your Small Business

Branding is like a fingerprint. It shows your customers how your business is distinctive from all the rest of your competition. Branding isn't advertising, but it does help you sell more and market your business more effectively. It's about packaging up what you stand for, in your own style, with your own words. When you're a creative entrepreneur running a small company, branding your business means branding you. So what does that look like? That's what this workshop will help you clarify. 


For small business owners, getting press is one of the best tools in your self-promotional arsenal. But how can you get bloggers and mainstream publications to even open your emails, let alone write articles about you? We'll talk about our experiences on both sides of the fence – as businesses gaining coverage in Collective Magazine, Design*Sponge, Blog Society, The Design Files, The Brisbane Times and more, and as bloggers and editors who are constantly being pitched to. Learn the secrets and tricks of the trade to get yourself on the radar of editorial influencers!