We’re a Brisbane-based, marketing agency that is all about the more.

More value, more impact, more awareness, more connection, more results…more efficiency. You see, Deane & Co are all about working smarter, not harder, so our clients can too.

We’re small meaning we’re nimble

We’re strategy focused meaning we’re sustainable and efficient

We’re passionate meaning we’re showing up each and every day

We’re honest meaning we’re always working with our clients’ best interests at heart

We’re experienced meaning we’re effective and no push overs

We’re in love with what we do meaning we’re in it for the long haul


Claire Deane

Deane & Co \ CEO
Instagram / @clairemdeane

Digital marketer, Google Analytics geek, Claire leads the Deane & Co team from a position of experience, passion and burning desire to create real value for clients.

“At Deane & Co, we want to see marketers making a difference, creating positive impact and getting results in real, authentic ways.”

In her career, to date, Claire has worked across a wide range of big and small brands from fashion, to food, digital platforms, yoga studios, educational institutions and more.


  • Launching Tourism & Event Queensland’s Hello Sunshine email marketing strategy and achieving yearly goals for the project within 3 months

  • Crafted digital marketing strategies for Dissh

  • Grown YCL Jewels to half a million in revenue in under 3 years

  • Built digital publisher The Urban List to launch across 3 major cities

  • Written a book on building a business as an introvert (which has been featured in Collective Mag & Design*Sponge


Deane & Co collaborates with the very best locally based copywriters, graphic designers, web designers/developers and digital strategists to bring campaigns to life and create real impact.


What we love

We love working with businesses in lifestyle fields, including: travel, hospitality, beauty, fashion, health & wellbeing, food, design & non-profits. But it goes beyond that, we love working with brands to create real impact and authentic connections. Our marketing strategies are crafted to achieve your objectives, whether that be:

  • Greater brand awareness;

  • less vulnerability to competition and market fluctuations;

  • better community support and co-operation;

  • increasing intellectual and emotional links to your brand;

  • acceleration of your ability to make a positive impact;

  • opportunities to better your bottom line;

  • or a combination of the above.


Let’s get started

We become a part of your team without the massive investment of time and money to hire in-house. Consider us the best of both worlds – a group of experienced professionals across a range of specialities but you don’t need to cover our super or invite us to the Xmas party.