How To Keep Learning, Always

Here at Deane & Co, we're all dedicated lifelong learners. We read constantly, attend workshops, ask mentors... anything to make sure we keep topping up our knowledge bases and skill sets. Having attainted formal degrees, we're all for 'formal education', but it's not the only way to go and it's definitely not the place to stop.

Here we've rounded up our favourite ways to make sure we keep learning...

A Well-Curated RSS Feed

Of course, there are so many incredible blogs out there on any topic you want. We've found that the best thing to do though is to keep it curated – don't let the junk in. Using your RSS feed (we love Feedly) for education and learning (as opposed to keeping up with the Kardashians) is the only way you'll actually get through the content each week.

We love Brain PickingsThe School of Life and Inc. Magazine.


Skillshare has been around for a while, but we really only recently got into it. It all started with a calligraphy class, and now we've watched everything from Seth Godin's Modern Marketing class to travel writing to Snapchat tutorials to gardening. Great for work and play, we definitely recommend signing up for a premium account (only $10/month) to access the best of the best.

Here is our referral link so you can try 3 months for just 99c. (We don't earn any money through the link, promise! We just want you to join the community!)


Whether you want to learn more about your direct skill set or want to complement it with other things, workshops can be a quick way to learn something new (as well as meet new people). If you're in Brisbane, we've been loving the recent workshops by The Edge, including one on podcasting, as well as Megan Morton's The School.

Whether it's learning to style in addition to photography, or basic graphic design in addition to copywriting, workshops are perfect for those who needs something hands-on and community-focused.

Online, we love Duolingo for learning a new language and Codecademy for coding.


Of course, we recommend reading voraciously. In fact, Phoebe started a non-fiction book club to keep us accountable! Read everything you can get your hands on and make sure you occasionally dip into something unexpected. As we all know, creative thinking comes from being able to cross-pollinate with new ideas.

Some of our recent favourite includes Friend & FoeThe Widow Clicquot and How Proust Can Change Your Life.


Of course, you can learn a lot from just asking people's advice. Claire has a wonderful mentor that she meets with a few times a year to talk through particular challenges or opportunities she has – the first-hand experience of other people can be an invaluable way of acquiring knowledge. Learning from other people's mistakes is learning the easy way!

Tell us, what tools do you use to ensure you keep learning everyday?

Claire Deane