Round Up: Our Favourite Podcasts

I can recount to you the exact day that I discovered and fell head over heels for podcasts. It was a summer Melbourne day and my then co-workers and I were in the conference room of the Adelphi Hotel. Our San Franciscan colleague asked the room, “Have any of you listened to this new podcast, Serial?” I dismissed it with a “Oh I’ve seen that in my Facebook feed today. What is it like?”

That night, I fought sleep as I listened to the first episode and instantly craved more. That morning as I launched into my “check social media” routine, Serial had exploded and it seemed like everyone was talking about Sarah Koenig’s reporting on Adnan Syed. Friends and I even gathered at a local Brisbane café to listen to the final episode together – it had infiltrated our lives and conversation that much.

Of course, podcasts had been around before that but it wasn’t until Serial that I found myself enjoying the medium. Fast track to today and friends will tell you I’m probably most likely (and annoyingly) to start a sentence with, “I heard on a podcast today...” or “I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about…” I listen to them as I’m walking the dog each morning, while commuting and while driving in the car.

But why? For me, it’s a way to learn something new from people with vastly different (yet sometimes similar) experiences to my own. Some podcast episodes have given me the clarity to sift through a personal problem and make headway or think about a new way of doing a task at work. Sometimes, mostly when I listen to Chat 10 Looks 3, they just give me a great big grin on my face and an immense feeling of joy.

Of course, Homeroom is a dynamic trio so Claire and I thought we’d take the chance to share what gets most listens in our podcast app. Catherine isn't on the bandwagon yet, but we're working on her...

Lani Pauli

Chat 10 Looks 3

Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales are the friends you wish you had and each week (or there abouts) they bring the internet a delightful and earnest chit chat about cooking, books and life in general.

On Being

On Being, I love you. No really. This is long form podcasting in the most interesting and thought-provoking way. If you’re someone who enjoys stepping into the world of others or seek the furious note taking of a conversation that brings all the puzzle pieces together, On Being is for you. There’s more than 15 years of archives so get started with these favourite episodes (from 2015 alone!):

Death, Sex, Money

Another that delves into who we are as people. From the fascinating Jane Fonda to a very personally moving interview with Brooke Shields, this podcast talks with abandon about the things that matters most to us.

Let It Be

Short enough for a morning train commute and long enough to sling a few home truths, this blog has become one I look forward to refreshing with a new episode each week.

Notable mentions:

Women’s Hour with Lena Dunham

Osher Ginsberg Podcast

Here’s The Thing by Alec Baldwin


Claire Deane's Picks

I started listening to podcasts when I bought a car that had bluetooth – and now it's part of my routine. Jump in the car, connect the latest download...

Creative Mornings

The speakers are epic. Simon Sinek, long term Homeroom boyfriend’s talk on loving your work must listen, as is Ben Chestnut (CEO of Mailchimp)’s hilarious chat on how to run a creative business.

For Working Women Worldwide

I love everything Phoebe Lovatt from the WW Club does, from her blog to her recent event series with Nike. While this podcast could still use some refinement on the technology front, Phoebe’s diverse female collaborators and focus on self care will see this podcast get better and better.

Radio Cherry Bombe

The magazine, focusing on women in the food industry, is one of my favourites, and the podcast allows an even deeper look into entrepreneurship and creativity in one of my favourite topics - food! They don’t just interview people who are in the food biz - the episode featuring Brene Brown was great!

The Freelancer

Paul Jarvis is one of my favourite writers, and his podcasts are super short and digestible. In 10 minutes, Paul will give you enough to keep you thinking for the rest of the week.

ASOS My Big Idea

Recorded in the ASOS cafeteria, this cute podcast takes short interviews with women doing exciting things in business. Good for a quick dose of inspiration.

 The Smart Passive Income Podcast

My first introduction to podcasts, Pat’s show is always jam packed with actionable advice. He talks the biggest names in the digital marketing world, and I’m always left with a notebook full of scribbles at the end of his interviews.

In the words of Andrew Denton who has recently launched a podcast I’m eager to add to my list, “If the internet is fast food, then I view a podcast like this is slow cooking.”

Claire Deane