Interview: Fabienne Costa of YCL Jewels

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Everyone needs a fabulous goddess jewellery maker friend in their lives – Fabienne Costa is ours. Her brand, YCL Jewels, is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with a minimal carbon footprint. Not only is she a smart cookie and a talented designer, she has a heart of gold. How gorgeous is she in the photo above, killing it on a recent research trip to India? Now that's inspo to quit your day job, if ever we saw one!

Name: Fabienne

Specialty: Jewellery Designer

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Current Location: Gold Coast, Australia

My city has the best… clouds

The next place I want to go is… the Global Tea Hut, in Taiwan. 

I’m dying to… rescue another greyhound! 

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know… to choose from your heart, every time. 

My career went to the next level when I… upped my digital marketing, & trusted my (very) informal process as a designer. 

The hardest part of running my own business is… balancing your reactions & expectations. 

I am good at what I do because… I believe in what I do. 

I am completely bored of hearing… you can’t start a small biz in Australia! 

I see the most exciting scope for innovation within my industry as… tapping into the mindful choices women are making around what they spend they’re money on. It’s so amazing to see that thoughts of where & how a product was made coming is becoming paramount to women these days. 

My Plan B was to… no plan B here, baby!

I celebrate my victories by… going through my goal books, vision boards & recapping the last 3-6 months. And spoiling myself with a nice dinner, picnic out or something more luxurious! 

On weekends I… go to the farmers markets, cook & spend quality time at home. 

My dream panel of mentors includes… Marie Forleo + the Dalai Lama

Find YCL Jewels killing it on Instagram.

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