Reviewing Sendle + Sherpa

Long lines at the Post Office and worrying that your package may not make it in time (or at all) are popular catch cries. It's inconvenient enough when sending a gift to a friend, but when your business include delivering products, it can be make or break.

The 'sharing economy' is not something I look at with fear. I’ve used Uber in the US, Japan and Australia. I’m a massive advocate for Sidekicker and look at outsourcing as a way to focus on what you do best.

Being excited to try new technologies and services, I recently trialled two new courier services, Sherpa (an app that provides on demand courier delivery within two hours) and Sendle (delivers parcels door-to-door across Australia cheaper than post).

Having now tried both services, Sendle nudges every so slightly into pole position. I’ll be the first to admit it has almost everything to do with their website dashboard, instant notifications and cost. With Sendle I’ve sent packages to clients in Brisbane with same day delivery (they exceed expectation on delivery ETA) as well as to Sydney. I love that the prices are upfront (parcels are quoted based on size); for example, the shoebox size delivery to a client in Sydney cost me $10.75 for courier service. Unheard of, right?

By comparison, I recently finally gave Sherpa a crack when needing to courier client media kits to local journalists. When faced with the decision of to pay for a courier or deliver them myself, Sherpa won out. The process was simple and I was able to book and accept a quote for the service with ease through the app. For pick-up and delivery within a 3-4 hour period I found the cost quite competitive (also keeping in mind it meant I was able to work on another project while the kits were being delivered) with one delivery costing less than $11. When the 'Sherpa' was nearby I was alerted via text, which gave me ample time to ready the parcels for pick up. My sherpa, Michael, introduced himself; he is actually a florist courier doing Sherpa deliveries in his spare time. Within 45 minutes of pick up I was again notified that the media kits had been delivered and I could leave a rating for Michael.

It’s hard to pick which I prefer only because, for my use, they serve individual purposes and I’d happily use both. For me, Sherpa is the one I will call upon when I need to deliver something last minute or in the next 24 hours. Sendle on the other hand is the perfect alternative for parcels that I know 1-2 days in advance need to be delivered.

Does your business require couriers? What services do you use? We'd love to learn of more

Claire Deane