3 quick content marketing wins

Content marketing can be incredibly time-consuming or resources-heavy. Creating a video or designing an infographic might feel like too much when you’re also juggling invoicing, orders and stock rotation. Here are some quick and easy solutions for when you need to get something good up on the blog without too much thought.

Interview your contact book

This can be as big or small of a project as you like. It can be a one-off interview designed to answer a particular question or shed light on a niche field – or it can be a weekly series where you go through your entire address book and send out 100 emails.

This technique can be a quick win because – if you make it easy for the interviewee to complete – you can load up on content for weeks ahead. It’s also an excellent way to connect with influencers and contacts you’d like to share your business with.

Just make sure that your interview adds something to the internet and feels related to your brand. We ask female entrepreneurs how they celebrate their victories and what took their business to the next level. It feels relevant to Deane & Co as a brand, builds our community and inspires others.

Answer your FAQs

The research for this can be more time-consuming, but if you’re an expert in your field, will be easy to execute. Think about all the questions you get asked most frequently, and then write a blog post to answer them. For us, it’s about how much marketing consulting is ‘worth’ (expect a blog post on this soon!) or what the difference between PR and advertising is.

Scroll through the Facebook groups you belong to and see who is asking questions. Write blog posts and – if you – can get back to those people with the answer.

Give a glimpse

While the behind-the-scenes of your business may seem boring to you, chances are there are elements that aren’t boring to anyone else. Maybe people would love to see the various concepts for a brand, how you put a media kit together, or how you develop your recipes. The aim here is authenticity, not perfection, so take this chance to get real and open up your world. Take a look at Rowan Made for inspo.

Claire Deane