What We've Been Reading This Week

We're kind of nerds here at Deane & Co. We are constantly swapping reading links amongst us to increase our knowledge, exchange opinions (it's just as important to read things you disagree with!) and brainstorm.

So we thought we'd share some of this week's links with you. Happy reading!

Elle & Co's blog is really insightful, and her recent post about MeetEdgar is having us go back to square one (in all the right ways – we love learning new things!).

We're all about honesty here at Deane & Co, so it was fascinating to read this interview with the woman behind the new podcast Terrible, Thanks For Asking. It is a really good follow on to this advice we've adopted about not starting emails with, 'I hope you're well.'

We love content marketing so much we literally wrote the (e)book on it – reading about these e-commerce business who made it big with content marketing certainly got our brains ticking. Some of them started with literally no budget!

If you're interested in podcasts or any form of storytelling, this short introduction to empathy mapping is a must-listen.

You don't have to be a photographer or stylist to take advantage of these three tips for improving your brand photography. We always recommend working with professionals but these ideas are great for bootstrapping at the beginning – or even just Snapchatting.

Claire Deane