Our Favourite Resources of 2017

To round out the year, we thought we would round-up some of our favourite buys, links and services we used in 2017. None of them are particularly related to work, but we're people too...


Everlane decided to ship to Australia is one of the best emails we received all year. More specifically, Claire rates her Twill Zip Tote as the purchase of the year.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats delivering yum cha, donuts, burritos, Vietnamese rolls and burgers to our office has been just as damaging for our health as you might expect.

The WW Club

We always love to see what The WW Club is thinking about. The articles on running a business and managing your life are always insightful and immediately useful.


While Phoebe prefers a notebook and pen, Lani and Claire are firm fans of Todoist, the task manager app. Following Phoebe's advice, Lani and Claire have found the power of only committing to six tasks per day, and most importantly, counting meetings as a task.

Yin Yoga

Lani has been loving taking regular yin yoga classes to help minimise stress and – in her own words – ‘be a bit more normal’. She love Shri Yoga's Sunday afternoon sessions.

Dog Stairs

Claire says that putting dog stairs to help her chihuahua get back into bed was the best investment she made in her sleep this year. Phoebe really doesn't understand dog people...

Claire Deane