3 Words for 2015

As we were nearing 12am on December 31st, just a few short days ago, I sent a frantic text to one of my girlfriends about my lack of resolutions. Usually I’m prepped with a list a mile long of things I want to achieve, people I want to connect with, and goal weights I want to hit – but this year, the resolution approach wasn’t doing it for me. After a stern talking-to from Francesca about the over-ratedness of resolutions, I decided to take a simplified approach, and chose 3 words to guide 2015.

So, here’s the words I’m taking with me into 2015:


Action, to me, is about getting sh!t done. It’s about finishing what I start, or letting go. It’s also about empowerment and feeling fully in control of my own destiny. Changing things that aren’t working for me, instead of struggling through because I think I should. This is the word I am most excited about in 2015.


Having just finished my yoga teacher training, authenticity and legitimacy are two big drivers for me this year. Not only will I be trusting in my experience and what I have to offer, but I’ll be sharing myknowledge more freely in 2015. I love this quote by Carl Jung:

“It’s the privilege of a lifetime to become who we truly are.”

And that’s my plan for 2015.


I’m a big believer that there’s enough success / wealth / love / business in the world for everyone. I want to continue to curate this abundance mindset, and put into practice what I’ve learned reading The Thankyou Economy over the holidays. I’m planning on giving, giving and giving in 2015, knowing that it’ll come back to me ten-fold.

How I’m Turning These Words Into Action

There’s a whole host of ways I am planning on taking these words and turning them into practical actions this year. Here’s just a few:

  • Scheduling a monthly check-in, to track my progress in embodying these words (inspired by Jo fromMaps To Herself);
  • Keeping all meetings to one day per week, to give me more time for planning and producing content for my blog and delivering better service for my clients. It’s also more authentically me – as an introvert, I get pretty much nothing done when I’m spread thin with meetings every day of the week. (Check out more tips for building a business as an introvert in the ebook I coauthored, Charge Up);
  • Scheduling one day a week to cloister myself, and just write. Whether it’s content or newsletters for Charge Up, The Ever After Story or clients, dedicating time to my keyboard is how I’m most productive.
  • Taking time every week to reach out to people I admire, or would love to connect with. I read an article recently about how Diane Von Furstenberg sends one email a day that doesn’t benefit her at all, and that’s a practice I would like to start.

How To Pick Your Guiding Words

This 3 words approach is inspired by Chris Brogan, who has shared the 3 words guiding his year since 2006. Chris’s advice is to “… pick three words that can be packed with depth. Pick words that will be your own.”

I start by brain dumping pretty much any word that comes to my head. What comes out will usually start to form a bit of a pattern, and once I’ve exhausted my internal thesaurus, I’ll start to group the words into themes. I’ll hone in on the key themes that resonate the most, and then start delving down even further into the words that I’ve grouped into that theme. This is where the very excellentthesaurus.com comes in handy! I’ll plug in as many iterations of words as I need until I find something that speaks to me.

If you need even more inspiration, just google ‘3 words for 2015’ and you’ll get plenty of posts from bloggers and business people from around the interwebs.

Once I have my words, I use them to build a vision board of imagery. This year, I’m going high tech, and building my vision board in Pinterest, so I can add to it over the course of the year. Would you like me to share it here?

Also, I’d love to hear the words guiding your 2015 – share them in the comments below!