How I’m Planning To Switch Off On The Holidays

It’s my first holiday period as a marketing coach and consultant, and I kind of hadn’t given any thought to the Christmas break at all. It’s very strange to not be told exactly how much time you can take off, both in a good way and a not so good way! Not taking a break can be really detrimental to your health and to your business, but there’s nothing worse than feeling more stressed than before you took a break, so I’m sharing a few tips on how I am planning on making the most of the Christmas holidays:

1. Batch processing, batch processing, batch processing. It’s one of our key tips in our Homeroom workshops, and instead of having to jump online for a couple of minutes here and there over the break, I am scheduling all my clients social media updates for the rest of December. While I will still check in to make sure everything’s running smoothly, I won’t have to post any last minute updates from the beach! This is a tip you can apply to your own business, instead of going dark on social media over the break, take an hour to schedule a bunch of updates, meaning there’s one less thing you have to think about.

2. Digital Detox. Okay, it’s not realistic to totally switch off while you’re on holidays, particularly if you work in the online space, like me. But, you can set boundaries around phone use (my husband luuuurves enforcing this one) and only check in once a day – ideally in the evening, so you’re not thinking about work all day. I’ll be putting an out of office on letting people know that I’ll only be checking once a day, so they don’t expect an immediate response.

3. I love the advice of Tim Ferriss in his book The 4 Hour Work Week on giving staff the ability to make decisions without you, up to a certain monetary value. If you’re not reachable, your team will solve problems without you, and really, the world isn’t going to end if they don’t make decisions exactly the way you would! This approach is empowering your your staff, and it gives you the confidence to know that you can go away next time without any disasters.

4. Use a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can keep business ticking over, whether it’s following up on customer service emails, responding to questions on social media or just letting people know that you’re only checking your email once a day.  If you’re looking for a VA recommendation, hit me up and I’ll send you through the details of a few who have been recommended to me.

5. Keep everyone in the loop. If you’re a consultant, let clients know well ahead of time what your plans are. Even if you’re only taking the public holidays off, letting them know how you plan to make sure the work still gets done over the break will remove any anxiety on their part about not being able to reach you. Good clients won’t begrudge you a little time off!

6. Keep a notebook on you! Have you ever noticed how the solutions to problems come to you when you’re relaxed? I also read recently that being near water actually stimulates problem solving, which is very cool. Make sure you keep a notebook nearby for any holiday inspiration!

7. Ditch the shoulds. If you want a break, you take a break. It’s your business, you went into it to be able to do what you love, so spend time with your family, go to the beach, eat copious amounts of cherries… enjoy the holidays!

Any tips you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!