Link Love #3

Another week has flown past, and the list of links I love is growing ever longer! This week, the theme is planning, because I really don’t think you need to wait until the New Years’ resolutions kick in before you start writing goals, and making plans! Is anyone focusing on working on their business, instead of in their business over the holiday break?

  1. Blogger Dale Partridge takes a completely transparent approach to reporting his monthly income. I love this, not only because it means I (and other bloggers / digital marketers) can learn from him, but because of his approach to sharing his knowledge. The internet is a very big place, and there’s enough room for everyone if you have an attitude of abundance. I’m thinking about how I can be more transparent, and give more in 2015.
  2. You’ll have some time to read over the holidays, and this list of the 10 best marketing books of 2014is a goodie. Download ’em to your kindle and learn while you’re at the beach! My favourite way to multitask.
  3. I heart Regina’s blog, and these tips on how to develop a compelling brand statement are really good. If you’re at a networking event, and someone asks you what you do, if all you say is “I own an online shop”… well, that’s not very memorable, is it? Head to Regina’s blog for tips on developing a WOW brand statement.
  4. Because I love almost every article over at Inc. magazine, this one on how to become more compelling has some great lessons as we head into 2015!
  5. We all want to be more productive, so why not integrate these 10 steps from Fast Company into your daily routines. Start now, don’t wait until the new year, and see how much you get done before the hols!

Now, before you head off back to your emails, I have a couple of questions for you… Leave your answers in the comments below or email me here!

  1. Do you ever go to networking events? Which ones? Why do you love / hate them? I’m particularly interested to see if makers / creators / small biz owners go to them, or if they don’t deliver enough value to warrant the ticket price.
  2. What’s the one thing you want to learn more about next year, in order to grow your business? How do you think you’ll learn it? (e.g. online courses, workshops, google search, books…)

That’s it! Have a great week!