All aboard the content marketing train

Claire and I (Phoebe) recently attended a Reload Media event in Brisbane. While it was brief – breakfast events always seem to skim the surface of a topic – it definitely reiterated what we believe here at Deane & Co: content marketing works, and it’s not just a flash in the pan. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates around 3 times as many leads, according to Neil Patel. A bandwagon definitely worth jumping on!

These stats make sense considering the average person checks their phone a pretty astonishing 150 times a day – spending a little over a minute per session. Google calls these ‘micro-moments’, as illustrated in this video:

Mitchel O’Donohue, the Agency Account Manager of Google in Sydney, spoke about how – in these moments – we expect brands to intrude. And there are many moments throughout the day that a potential customer might come across your business.

Think about your own micro-moments – or the moments your ideal customer might have. When could your brand ‘intrude’? This is where you need to be placing your advertising dollars and focus on developing unique campaign ideas. It’s imperative that when your customer comes looking, you are there and you are useful.

 Another part of the session – led by Rachel Baartz of Stackla – was a discussion of user-generated content (UGC). Research indicates that 92% of people trust earned media more than paid – as such, an endorsement by a friend is infinitely more valuable than putting some dollars behind a post on Instagram.

 UGC works because:

-       It’s real

-       It’s relevant

-       It’s in ridiculous volumes

-       It’s results-generating

 A great solution to content marketing if your business is resource poor, UGC needs just some simple strategic thinking in order to make it effective. By thinking of your customers as potential contributors, think of ways you can encourage UGC. This could be including a small business-card size note in each order with the Instagram details of your business. It could be a small discount at your café for everyone that checks in on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be about freebies or elaborate competitions – think outside the box.

 And if you don’t want to think outside the box, shoot us an email! As content marketing obsessives, we’d love to talk to you about ways you can harness the power of UGC to grow your business.