5 ways to make the most of your PR

You’ve written your press release, sent it out to a bunch of your favourite journos, and they are excited to run a story about your news – but what are you doing to capitalise on the exposure? People are plenty fickle, especially when there’s something new to capture their attention every few seconds, so we’ve put together a few tips on getting your house in order before you hit ‘send’ on your media outreach:

  1. Make sure your website and social media are up to date. Regardless of whether journalists will use it to fact check, or use it as a barometer of whether your story is worth publishing, if your story gets a run there will hopefully be a whole lot of new potential customers visiting your website. Make sure all of your contact details are correct, your shopping cart is working, and you’re receiving all of the emails that come through via your ‘contact us’ form.
  2. Get Google Analytics (or some form of tracking / measurement tool) in place, so you can see which publication is generating the most traffic. This will help you gauge where to focus your PR efforts next time, because a great story in your dream publication doesn’t always result in sales. Note, you’ll only be able to track digital publications, but you should see an increase in ‘direct’ traffic if your print PR activity is successful, as people type in your URL to find your page.
  3. Activate retargeting advertising, which is advertising that captures your visitor’s cookies, and then shows your advertising to them as they browse around the web (or Facebook). It’s a great way to generate return visits to your website, reminding people that they loved your site when they visited after reading a great article about you.
  4. Make sure your email sign up is highly visible, or install a pop-up designed to capture email addresses when users visit your website. There’s tons of research on the efficacy of pop ups, and regardless of whether you think they are annoying, they work! Once you’ve got someone’s email address, you can then continue to market to them again and again.
  5. Make sure you’ve got something to sell! Your product should be in stock, you should have plenty to sell – and if you’ve got limited numbers, have some way of taking pre-orders or capturing the details of people who couldn’t purchase but who were interested enough to try.

Anything you do to prepare for a PR launch you’d add to the list?