Work and stay motivated from anywhere

The most common reaction when I tell people I work from home is their eyes lighting up and saying something akin to, “Wow! That’d be so great! Wake up, work from the couch. The dream!” And, granted, working remotely has plenty of benefits. But it also takes self-motivation and direction.

You’re likely to spend many hours flying solo, and even if you are a part of a larger team, you may not always feel like it. Thankfully, modern technology has a slew of apps that can help bridge the gap for remote warriors, keep you on track and keep you in touch with your co-workers or peers.

Some of my favourites for keeping the isolation and productivity strikes at bay?


Like most apps, if not used wisely, it can still generate a bucket of messages you need to wade through and defeat the purpose of that sparkly empty email inbox you now have. But, with some basic ground rules, this one is a winner for communicating with clients and keeping things humming along.   


I used to be a serial “email notes to myself” offender. Then I finally set up Evernote. It has quickly become my best friend for storing event ideas, photos of design inspiration I see when out and about, taking notes at meetings and more.


See above confession of being guilty of emailing myself including to-do items.

Now, I add it along with a due date and time (where needed) into the Wunderlist app and my inbox is free of just another email from the spammy Lani Pauli. While the tick of a check box isn’t as satisfying as crossing out a line item in a notebook, it is easier when trying to capture items on the fly. 

1 Giant Mind

I’ve been using this app for about a year now.  Working from home can all too easily translate into working all the time and rarely giving yourself the head space to switch off. 1 Giant Mind is a guided meditation app that takes you through an initial 12 session tutorial on meditation. The great thing about 1 Giant Mind is you can set a daily reminder to tell you it is time to meditate. Forced time away from your computer to sit still and process the day? Yes, please!


Granted, this isn’t an app per se. But, Pinterest’s ability to invite colleagues to a board makes creating a mood board for an event concept (and separated by continents) that much easier. It also works a treat to illustrate a creative concept to your graphic design team.

Omni Focus

While I am still a fan of the traditional paper and pen for a to-do list (c’mon, there is something so satisfying about crossing out a completed item!), for large scale event planning and projects with multiple moving parts, Omni Focus is a great way to organise action items, plan ahead and prioritise what must come next. A worthy investment!

Of course, while these are my tried and tested helpers, nothing beats getting in and getting the work done. Keep an open mind when trialling a new app or platform and don’t fall victim to paralysis by analysis (aka nothing being done) of an app that proclaims to shave 5 hours off your work-day.

What apps or online platforms make your work-life more streamlined?

This blog originally appeared on The Rich Daily

Claire Deane