Noticing in New York

I visited New York earlier in the year, and I was instantly smitten. Every street felt familiar, and the food, oh my! Say what you will about their current political climate, there’s plenty I learned from the Americanos about marketing, retail and going big. I thought I would share a couple of insights with you!

  1. Literally everywhere has wifi, from the smallest cafe to McDonalds to Topshop. I’ve never understood why cafes in Australia aren’t all over free wifi - the fastest way to get me to work and hang in your establishment is to give me access to your internet, and I’ll snapchat and ‘gram all the food I eat while I’m sitting there all day.
  2. Natural and organic beauty is the next big trend in skincare. Even the big box brands like Anthropology and Urban Outfitters had entire sections dedicated to natural skincare, oils and botanical infused facial goodies. Stores like Credo and Cap Beauty are setting the trend, with shelves full of the most amazing natural products.
  3. Bitter cocktails were all over the menus. An Old Fashioned was the drink of choice in most bars, with anything fruity or colourful relegated to the tourist spots.
  4. Brussel sprouts and asparagus were the veggies du jour! Topped with parmesan, roasted and covered in salt, every menu had their own iteration of these greens.
  5. Branding is so, so important. The smallest cafes and stores have impeccable branding, to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. 

Top Picks

My top places to visit in New York would have to be:

Tiny’s - great breakfast and bloody Mary’s

Smorgasbord - crazy busy, but amazing birthplace of trends like the rain cake. Must vis

Allswell - lovely little cafe, get the biscuits!

Ground Support - delicious bagels, double toasted with cream cheese!

Momofuku Ssam - Book in advance, this is the fanciest of the Momofuku’s, but it’s still not super fancy. Get the whole fish!

Russ and Daughters - MUST visit! Jewish deli, can be a wait, but the food is to die for. 

Eataly - Sort of like the David Jones food hall in Melbourne but amazing. Get the charcuterie boards and wine.

Barn Joo - Korean tapas. One of the best meals we had in NY! We went to the one in the Flatiron district, twice actually!

Osteria Morini - great, traditional Italian food.

House of Small Wonder - really hard to find in Brooklyn, but so worth it! Japanese, and delish.

Green point Lobster Co. - seafood restaurant in Brooklyn. Whole lobsters, so good!


If you’re headed to New York, I have more recommendations for where to eat and drink - drop me a line and I’ll share! 

Claire Deane