What is curation now?

Around eight years ago I opened a Tumblr account. I started collecting passages, photos, and links that I found around the internet. One might say, now that it's 2016, that it was an expression of 'curation'. Such is the explosion of ‘curation’ as an act outside art galleries that I recently picked up the book Curation: The power of selection in a world of excess by Michael Bhaksr. 

"Curation marketing recognises that buyers have changed – they don’t expect marketing to be simple messages broadcast through obvious channels. It doesn’t work… They don’t want crude sales messages, they want high-value content.”

And more than high-value content, I believe it must be highly selective and well-chosen above all else. If your chosen medium is a blog, then put yourself in the role of an Editor. Schedule and organise content in a discerning manner. Granted, selecting content to deliver to an audience is a skill that, like most crafts, should be honed over time. I’m sure your audience will thank you for it. 

With the number of website, articles, tweets, snaps growing all the time, here are a few ‘curated’ newsletters that are worthy of a spot in your inbox: 

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Claire Deane