Instagram launches business profiles (and what this means for you)

If you haven’t yet seen a prompt to convert your brand page to a business profile, it’ll likely be coming in the next few days. While nobody is sure how being a brand profile will change your Instagram reach just yet, there are some new features we’re really excited about:

  • Analytics! You’ll know we’re total data nerds here, and one of the biggest downfalls of Instagram has always been a lack of ability to measure. Business profiles will have in-app metrics that will show reach and impressions – really similar data to what’s currently available in Facebook’s analytics (which, since Facebook now owns Instagram, is a no-brainer). Best of all, you’ll be able to access data on when your users are most active, which will be increasingly important as Instagram moves away from a chronological feed to an algorithm-based feed. You want to make sure your posts are going live when your users are online to see and engage with them, as posts will no longer be displayed in the order they are posted.
  • In-app boosting of posts. Instead of having to create Instagram advertising through the Power Editor of Facebook, you’ll be able to boost individual Instagram images, just like you boost Facebook posts. It’s much simpler to use, and you can access insights directly from the app.
  • A ‘Contact’ button – this will show next to the ‘Follow’ button on your account, making it really easy for users to get in touch, either via email or with directions, if you’re a physical location.

If Instageddon a couple of months ago is anything to go by, there will be people who will be concerned by this change, but it’s important to remember that with any social media channel, you are living on rented land. Algorithms change, trends change, people change – never be reliant on any one channel, and always focus on building the channels you do own: your email list and website. In the meantime, embrace the changes, learn all you can about how to leverage them, and make them work for you. In the case of business profiles, use the data you can gather about your profile, and turn this information into something powerful!

Claire Deane