Welcoming Creative Mornings to Brisbane

There are moments I find myself so excited and, dare I say proud, to call Brisbane home. A recent Friday morning was one such moment, when more than 100 creative souls gathered for the very first Creative Mornings Brisbane.

For the uninitiated, Creative Mornings started in 2008 and is led by Tina Roth Eisenberg (who some of you might know better as Swissmiss) in New York. According to their site, it was born out of a desire for a space to celebrate a city’s creative talent and connect with like-minded individuals.

Like many others, I’m sure, I followed Creative Mornings as it launched into international cities and then closer to home in Sydney and Melbourne. This year, we welcomed Creative Mornings to Brisbane and Matthew Haynes (of The Design Conference) served as our first guest speaker. 

Openly and unabashedly nervous (which endeared us all a little more to him), Matthew delivered a story of risk (the global theme for May) and how taking a series of risks led him to play professional baseball in the US and later launch The Design Conference. 

You’ll soon be able to hear the full talk online but here are some of my key takeaways:

Life is cluttered with complication and compromise. The older I get the more I accept that this is the reality we operate in. What matters is how you deal with them. 

Ikigai. In the talk I went to by Elizabeth Gilbert, she too touched on a similar concept of Ikigai (a Japanese concept), which is most easily thought of as your reason for being. It is the ultimate combination of passion, mission, profession, and vocation. While I’m not sure I’ve found Ikigai just yet, I feel pretty lucky to live in a time where we can at least attempt to seek it out.

Compare and compete with only yourself. Be influenced, but make up your own mind. I recently read an analogy about when you stop looking at your own yoga mat you’ll fall off – I’ve been mindful of it since. We can be caught up and consumed by comparison, and easily influenced off our path. If we spent even a fraction more time focusing on our own “yoga mat” would we make decisions with more conviction or know what we need more strongly? And as I write this blog post this morning I’m curiously drawn to explore this sentiment shared by Lyndel Miller on Instagram.

Success is a derivative of perseverance and dedication. I think we find ourselves (most likely when in our comparison trap) thinking success comes easier to Ms XYZ we see posting aspirational images on Instagram. We all too easily forget that success (and yes, there’s so many interpretations on what that means to every person) is only the result of perseverance and dedication. This note from Matthew struck me and reminded me that the only way to move ahead and get better at my craft is to show up and do the damn work! Scrolling Instagram looking at others won’t get me far!

I’m looking forward heading back to Creative Mornings #2 on May 27 for more inspiration. You can register to receive updates of the next event here.

Claire Deane