How to give a proper brief (+ template)

When starting a new project, it can be tempting to skip the brief and just jump right into it. But half an hour spent working out your timeframe, budget, goals and specific needs will prevent many headaches down the track.

The most important element of a brief is that it sets expectations – but it also can help you clarify your own project. We have learned the hard way to not even begin a project until we have certain questions answered! It's not to be difficult or waste time – it's an absolutely vital step to ensure we're on the same page and can turn your goals into reality. It's also an essential part of ensuring we can create a sensible budget that doesn't completely blow out with additional hours.

Here is our final point: having an idea of your budget is crucial. We even became completely transparent about our pricing so you could decide whether or not we're right for you before you even need to contact us. That's how important we think it is!


Dear [Name], 

I’m [Name] and I run [business name], a [what does your business do?]. I started by business because I want [what is your 'why'?]. [Business name] has grown over the last 12 months, and I need [what elements do you need?].

All my marketing should be focused on [target audience]. I am a [budget/mid-priced/luxury] option for [what gap do you fill in people's lives?].

I love Company A’s website and Company B's Instagram. XYZ Company is my main competitor, so I’d like to make sure my brand feels different.

I’m looking to spend [budget] and ideally, I’d like to have everything signed off by [deadline]. It would be great to chat over [Skype/coffee] initially and then probably best to communicate via [phone/email/in person]. Does this work for you? 

Kind Regards, 
[Your Name]

Claire Deane