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Consumers have become cynical of advertising and skeptical of marketing. You’ve probably noticed this already. Perhaps your Facebook likes are down, your Instagram followers dwindling. Perhaps you’ve started a blog because you’ve heard that’s the best thing to do for SEO, but you’re not really sure what you’re supposed to do with it. And why is everyone talking about Snapchat all of a sudden? Isn’t that for teenagers?

More and more, consumers want to discover things on their own. There is cache in being the person who knows what’s happening in the world, and ‘curating’ the information others receive each day. This isn’t surprising; the average person checks their phone a pretty astonishing 150 times a day – spending a little over a minute per session. Who wants to see ads and other marketing that we don’t care about or connect to?

Google calls these phone checks ‘micro- moments’ and research indicates that in these moments, we expect brands to intrude. Often we want them to – with information or resources that are helpful to us. We want to learn what’s the best low-cost hairdryer to replace the one that just broke. We want to know which bars have happy hour close by. We want to tell our friends about a funny thing that happened on the bus – and maybe check what’s new on Net-a-Porter while we’re there.

The case for content creation boils down to the fact that it is highly persuasive. More and more, the gorgeous photos we see on Instagram are more persuasive than a long list of hotels on TripAdvisor. Both are important, but they need to complement each other. If the first hairdryer we come across is through a YouTube tutorial for a French chignon, it will stick – far more than an ad we see in the local rag. In fact, research shows content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates 3 times as many leads.

Think about your own micro-moments – or the moments your ideal customer might have. When could your brand ‘intrude’? This is where you need to be placing your marketing dollars. It’s imperative that when your customer comes looking, you are there and you are useful.

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Claire Deane