Charge Up


Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam and Claire Deane have coauthored Charge Up, a guide to building a business and managing your energy with your introversion superpower!

Allie and Claire wrote this book because, as introverts, there is absolutely no need to always be on the brink of breakdown – a vicious cycle of pushing yourself to social exhaustion then wanting to hide in a cave for the next few weeks to recharge. It’s PACKED full of tips, tools and advice from Allie and Claire, our clients, and introverts we admire.

The feedback was overwhelming, and we’ve been getting emails like this:

“I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated Charge Up. The timing was perfect – I had four days worth of conferences and trade shows where I knew no-one. I downloaded Charge Up and started reading it on the plane, and I can’t tell you how much better it made me feel. It really resonated with me. I had never really identified as an Introvert before starting my own business, I always just thought I was “shy” – even though I can sometimes be the life of the party! It was so refreshing reading the opening pages of the book and basically ticking off the factors that you described against those that I feel – it was a total “OMG someone gets me” moment!
– Jemma Bishop, Chantilly Rouge

We’ve also been profiled in Design*Sponge (Grace Bonney said our article was one of her favourite ever Biz Ladies posts!), Renegade CollectiveRoooar MagazineBlog Society, and a whole lot of gorgeous blogs we love.

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