Primal Pantry


We worked with Primal Pantry in the months leading up to the launch of Brisbane’s first paleo cafe, working to educate diners on this new way of eating and showcasing that caveman food could be delicious!

Deane & Co worked with the internal team to develop a comprehensive social media strategy and content plan that was flexible but still provided structure to allow for growth. The Primal Pantry Facebook channel grew from launch to over 8,000 fans during my 3 month involvement, and their Instagram channels grew to over 2,000 followers.

We worked with a team to provide assistance in creating Primal Pantry’s branding, including signage, menus, educational flyers and integrated this across each of the social channels. We also project managed the design and development of the cafe’s Wordpress site, including crafting all SEO copy, sourcing and facilitating photoshoots for imagery, functional specifications and all user testing.