Queensland Women's Week

With Deane & Co.’s smart and simple strategy, we received well over 1000 likes on Facebook within just a month of our campaign, as well as an exponential increase in applications relative to similar campaigns that the Government had run previously. These results have set us up well in our relationship with the Queensland Government and have helped to establish YWCA Queensland as a leader in our field.

– Kate Tully, Chief Executive Officer

YWCA Queensland was licensed by the Queensland Government to manage the inaugural Queensland Women’s Week in 2016.

Deane & Co was asked to come on board to advise on how all parties should best promote the event and the grants process. As a result of targeted advertising activities and grassroots PR, the number of applications received was significantly higher than previous campaigns run by the Government. We were also responsible for managing the Facebook page, which grew rapidly in only a few months.


Claire Deaneone, corporate, QWW