Sheets on the Line

Sheets on the Line is an established Brisbane retail store with a strong online presence whose founders were looking to increase their sales for their newly opened Melbourne store.

Deane & Co developed a number of on- and –offline strategies designed to increase foot traffic in Melbourne, grow the Melbourne database with new potential customers, and generally promote both stores through targeted media outreach.

In addition, Deane & Co managed content creation for the brand, which included creation of weekly EDMs designed to focus more heavily on building relationships with existing customers, and blog posts that would provide SEO friendly content for Google.

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A number of more tactical activities were undertaken, designed to better optimise the data and customers available to Sheets on the Line, including creating opt-ins for high traffic pages on the website, targeting EDMs to customers who hadn’t purchased in a while, and investigating opportunities for local area marketing in the Melbourne area.


  • 9% increase in sales (excluding sale activity) over five months.
  • 95.41% increase in sales compared to previous year.
  •  Generated over 150 new leads for the Melbourne store through Facebook advertising.
  • Securing opinion editorial / branded article on’s Lifestyle website  
  • Securing product features across the Fairfax Regional Media network  
  • Introducing key stylists and Country Style’s Virgina Imhoff to the Melbourne showroom 
  • Hosted media ‘meet and greet’ event at Melbourne showroom to introduce local media, influencers and interiors industry professionals to the brand, the owners and the product range. Results included local media coverage and sales from interior designers during the event. 
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