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Starting your Startup Right | Deane & Co and Bounce Financial

Deane & Co and Bounce Financial are partnering to bring you this workshop designed to help you start up right - with your marketing, branding and financials established to help you generate long term success.

Cara (founder, Bounce Financial) and Claire (founder, Deane & Co) decided to run this event after many discussions on the importance of ‘getting your house in order’ when launching and running a business. We have seen business owners with really great ideas fail to execute properly because their financials weren’t solid or they didn’t have a marketing plan in place.

This session will cover:

  • Defining your target audience - and we don’t mean ‘women aged 18 - 70’. We’ll talk about defining your customers by what they believe about themselves and your product.

  • Branding consistency and the importance of making sure your messages work together across channels.

  • Putting together a marketing plan that works when you’re on a small budget.

  • How to accurately budget to start your business and still have a life.

  • How to put a plan in place that will ensure your business can withstand the first years.

Location for this event is TBC, make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to find out when location and tickets are released.