12 Week Mentoring Program

12 Week Mentoring Program


You’ve launched your business but realised pretty quickly that it can be downright lonely working on something on your own. It’s really important to have someone to bounce ideas off, chat with about your struggles and congratulate you on a job well done! The 12 week mentoring program is perfect for those new to the business game or those who want to take things to the next level.

The Structure:

The 12 week mentoring program consists of 6 fortnightly meetings with Deane & Co and our mentoring partners:

Week 1: You’ll complete a questionnaire designed to make you think more deeply about why you are in business and who you are servicing.

Week 2: We’ll review the answers to the questionnaire as well as establish goals and measurement tools for tracking successes.

Week 4: Branding Focus

Week 6: Meeting with Bounce Financial to discuss the structure and finances of your business to ensure you’re positioned for long-term success.

Week 8: Developing a marketing plan

Week 10: Marketing plan (cont)

Week 12: Next steps - what are your priorities, how will you measure your successes, where to from here?

Your Commitment:

You’ll need to put aside a few hours a week to prepare and action what’s discussed in the mentoring meetings, depending on what level your business is at. The more time you dedicate, the faster your business can grow!

Each week you’ll walk away with a list of action items to be completed for the next mentoring session.

Want to know more before you commit? Email us at claire@deaneand.co and we’ll answer any questions you have!

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