eBook: How to Launch your Online Store AND How to Brand Your Business

eBook: How to Launch your Online Store AND How to Brand Your Business


Launching a brand new biz and know you need to get your branding down pat AND your online store singing? Now you can learn how to do both with the one eBook package.

Combining two of our most popular eBooks, How to Launch Your Online Store and How to Brand Your Business, you’ll learn:


  • How to define your target audience, and not just by their age and sex. What do they really believe about themselves, and how can your brand speak to them?

  • The meaning behind type, colour choices, imagery and how these impact your logo and your style guide.

  • Why your brand is so much more than just a logo.

  • How to ensure your brand is cohesive across multiple channels and platforms

  • What to look for in a designer and how to brief them.


  • How to choose a platform to launch your online store, including the pros and cons of each.

  • How to price and charge your customers, and what kinds of trust cues people are looking for before handing over their credit card details.

  • How to drive more customers to your online store

  • How to measure your success and plan your marketing budget

  • Increasing your conversion rate and average cart size

All the best bits from our sold out workshops around Australia, this double eBook will teach you all of the basics for launching your successful online store.

Want to buy the books individually? Check out How to Brand Your Business and How to Launch an eCommerce Store or check out all our eBooks here.

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