How to DIY your PR

How to DIY your PR


Whether you’re a small batch artisan, curate an eCommerce site, or have services to sell, public relations (PR) can be your ticket to more traffic, higher brand awareness and more sales, when undertaken consistently.

The continued growth of online publishing has expanded opportunities for PR coverage. Whereas the definition of PR success used to be a one-page feature in the weekend newspaper, wins in this arena can now include having your designs worn by a fashion blogger or having your art print featured in the background of a YouTube make-up tutorial.

As a creative entrepreneur, we know you already have the vision and drive to grow your business. The tricky part is this: how do you get influential people and publications to feature you for free? When should you pay for advertising? Do you need help from a PR agency? What do they actually do and are they worth the money? Can you just do it yourself?

This eBook answers all of these questions and more, including:

  • What is PR

  • How to DIY your PR

  • How to choose the right publication to pitch to

  • How to choose the right influencers

  • Tools you need to DIY your PR

  • How to get editorial and advertorial (and what the difference is)

  • Dealing with negative PR

  • Knowing when you’re ready to outsource

  • What should outsourced PR cost

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