eBook: How to Launch your Online Store

eBook: How to Launch your Online Store


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Maybe you’re a designer or artist looking for a way to sell your creations. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to curate and sell other people’s creations. Either way, e-commerce is the answer!

Thanks to the Internet, we now have unlimited opportunities to build the lives we’ve always dreamed about. With relatively low investment and unprecedented access to global markets, you’d be crazy not to start an online store!

As an entrepreneur, we know you already have the vision and drive to grow your business. The tricky part is this: how do you choose what platform you want to use? What is the best way to collect payment and calculate shipping? How do you drive sales? How can you get people to spend more in your online store? What the heck is dropshipping, and is it the best option?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you’re already on the right track. You’re thinking about the key elements of running an e-commerce site, and you understand the basic principles of what it entails. In fact, all that online shopping has just been research!

Running an e-commerce site may sound daunting, but so long as you already know what you’d like to sell, all you need is a little insider knowledge and an experienced hand to guide you through. That’s what we’re here for. This eBook will walk you through all of the above and more, and by the end of the book you’ll be ready to launch your very own eCommerce store!

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In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a platform to launch your online store, including the pros and cons of each.

  • How to price and charge your customers, and what kinds of trust cues people are looking for before handing over their credit card details.

  • How to drive more customers to your online store

  • How to measure your success and plan your marketing budget

  • Increasing your conversion rate and average cart size