eCommerce Website Audit

eCommerce Website Audit


Launched your online store but you’re struggling to turn your visitors into customers? Sometimes you need someone to take an outside look, to help you see what your potential buyers are seeing.

The average conversion rate (number of people who go from visitors to buyers) for ecommerce websites is between 1-3%, meaning it’s vital to ensure your website is optimised to encourage them to purchase. This eCommerce website audit will help you make sure your website is making you as much money as possible.

The audit will provide recommendations including:

  • Does your website say what you want it to about your brand? Are your messages consistent for the consumer?

  • Is your imagery optimised for conversion?

  • Are your product descriptions written for search engines as well as to appeal to potential buyers?

  • What kinds of content are you creating to attract new visitors?

  • And more!

You’ll be presented with a report at the end of the review that looks at your analytics as well as the front end of your site, with actionable tactics to increase traffic and conversion.

Claire has worked with eCommerce stores both established and startup, including Dissh Boutiques, YCL Jewels, Wild Heart Jewellery and more.

Want to know more before you commit? Email us at and we’ll answer any questions you have!

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